Calders Wharf

Client: Telford Homes

Our Role: Topographic Surveying

Overview: Our client had purchased one of those sites that most developers avoid. It sits at the mouth of the north shore entrance to the Rotherhithe foot tunnel on the Isle of Dogs and is adjacent to the River Thames wall and just to add interest it sits directly over the Docklands Light Railway.

We were commissioned to undertake a topographic survey to include all existing ground features (buildings, walls, boundaries, trees, service covers, surface changes, adjacent roads and buildings and all heights related to sea level)

Following the ground survey it was important to determine the exact position of the DLR under the site. This required working in the tunnel whilst the power was turned off giving us a three hour window from 1am. The survey showed the width of the tunnel and the height at track and roof level. When the two surveys were overlaid this showed where the foundations of the new development could be positioned, avoiding any potential clash with the tunnel. We produced our survey data in 3D enabling the designers to create a model of the tunnel under the site.