Topographic Surveys

Whether you are developing a plot of land, designing a housing scheme or road, a commercial premise or a single house you will probably require a topographic survey showing the existing features, the terrain and extremities prior to development.

Land / Topographic Surveys

Typically surveys will include:

  • All existing topographic  features including boundaries, buildings, roads, trees, street furniture, surface changes.
  • Heights can be related to a local datum or Ordnance Survey datum
  • Heights can be shown at roof, soffit and ground level to enable design to suit adjacent properties and planning requirements.
  • Adjacent properties and roads are shown as an aid to design.
  • Drainage information can also be collected showing the cover and invert level, pipe size and direction of flow.
  • All surveys are plotted at a suitable scale (1:200 or 1:100) to fit on an A0, A1 or A3 sheet.
  • Drawings are produced in AutoCAD (DWG) and PDF formats in either electronic and /or paper form and sent to the design consultant / client.
GPS Surveys
Earthworks/ Volume Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Land Registry
As Built Surveys