Muswell Hill

Client: Kind and Co

Our Role: Movement Monitoring

Overview: Muswell Hill is an extremely steep hill with all the residences stepped to accommodate the gradient. Our client was constructing a block of flats with a basement which happened to be 4.5 metres lower than the adjacent property. Sheet piles were installed to retain the high level against the neighbouring house.

Unfortunately the house had moved quite considerably and was displaying some large cracks as proof. We were commissioned to monitor the ongoing movement of the house on a weekly basis. This was implemented by installing targets in strategic places on the flank wall (as shown in the attached photo) as well as the sheet piles.

We were on site for 18 months until the new construction against the sheet piling ensured no movement and we were sure there was no movement in the adjacent house.

Our main challenge was to maintain reference points from which to relate each survey in places where we were sure there was going to be no movement.