Lackford Solar Farm

Client: Goldbeck Solar (Germany)

Our Role: Construction Setting Out

Overview: This solar farm is screened by woodland on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds and is an award-winning development. Despite severe weather conditions (the project commenced in January) the site was commissioned just one year after proposal. It now provides electricity for over 6,500 homes.

We were commissioned to undertake the positioning of all the construction elements in the project including each individual solar panel support, the service cables and ducts, the roads and an electricity sub station. All this was undertaken ¾ mile from the nearest main road and in extreme conditions.

Goldbeck provided us with the digital drawings for the design and we extracted the relevant data and uploaded into our surveying instruments for setting out. The result is a very quick method of positioning and marking.

Our largest challenge was getting around this huge site as quick as possible to service the various trades that required our input. Our 4x4 vehicle certainly earned it’s keep!