Coca Cola / Samsung sign

Client: Kind and Co

Our Role: Engineering Surveying

Overview: The iconic sign in Piccadilly was due an update but had to be installed before the beginning of the Christmas period. The old sign was removed revealing a steel frame structure behind, which was to remain as a fixing for the new one. There was no record of its’s position or height so we set about surveying 5 floors of frame to show the exact location and height of the various structural elements.

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints, the new sign was already in the manufacturing process and the curve was designed to an assumed radius. Our survey revealed that the old and the new curves were not the same so we overlaid the new design onto our survey and calculated the amount of “packing” required at each fixing on each floor.

Our main problem was to survey the outside of the frame up to 25 metres above ground level with no stable ground on which to set a surveying instrument. The only way over this problem was to use a column clamp instrument mount making the practical and technical issues far more challenging.

The new structure was then completed in time for the festivities.