Energy From Waste Plant

Client: CNIM (France)

Our Role:  As Built Surveys / Construction Setting Out

Overview: We were commissioned by the client to provide a two stage surveying process on this £180 million Energy from Waste facility. It takes landfill waste into a huge bunker and then incinerates the contents via two 25 metre high boilers. This in turn generates enough electricity to power 30,000 homes. The residue ash is then used in road construction so everything is recycled.

Our brief was to provide grid lines within the building from which the various elements of construction were installed. Each part had to fit with the next so tolerances were very tight. We then produced an “as built” survey of each installation comparing the design position to the constructed position. Our reports were issued to the client on a weekly basis with anything deemed to be out of tolerance altered to suit.

The biggest problem we faced was surveying the huge structures when we were up to 40 metres high with the surveying instruments clamped to a column. The structure moves in the wind making the accuracy of our surveys particularly challenging.