Instrumentation / Data Processing

We use the latest Leica total stations which either works robotically (one person) or as a two man operation.

This enables fast data collection and reduces office time therefore resulting in a cost effective outcome for the client.

Data is recorded and transferred to our office computer using dedicated surveying software.

Our current surveying equipment includes:

Leica robotic total stations with CS15 controllers.

Leica BLK360 scanner with AutoCAD software on an iPad Pro.

Leica Rugby rotating laser level.

Leica GPS unit.

NRG dedicated survey software.

Current version of AutoCAD.

The surveys are then processed and output to the client or consultant as a CAD or PDF drawing via an e-mail or disk or as a paper copy.

We use a 4x4 vehicle, giving greater mobility and flexibility in areas that are not easily accessible therefore speeding up the site process.